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IPO Season: Lyft, Uber, Pinterest, Levi's and others

It’s officially IPO season.  With behemoths like Uber and competitor Lyft announcing that they’re going public, we decided to survey all the major offerings arriving in the next few months.  Which of these do you think provides the best opportunity?

Uber:  The ride-sharing trailblazer first announced its intention to go public back in December, and analysts have been watching with eager anticipation since.  Uber’s been successful in raising some $24 billion in private equity [1] —but analysts are waiting to see how this translates to its public offering.  Despite a slowing economy, Uber could net a valuation of $120 billion [2].  All of this in just about a decade.  

Lyft:  Lyft, the ride-sharing competitor of Uber, announced its intention to go public a day before Uber last December.  While Lyft has a 23% market-share compared to Uber’s staggering 60%, there’s a lot of interest in Lyft. Lyft has seen high user engagement and loyalty among its customers [3].  All of this makes for a potential valuation up to $15 billion [4].   

Pinterest:  The Pinterest IPO is less official than Uber or Lyft, but analysts are looking to it with great interest.  While there’s no exact date on the books, Pinterest has been signaling to the market that it intends 2019 to be its big year with key hires in investor relations and marketing. Pinterest could go for as much as $12 billion in value [5].

Levi-Strauss: The all-American jean-maker is going public, again.  Though the company has been around for 150 years, Levi-Strauss spent 14 years, from 1971 to 1985, as a public entity, before being taken private again.  All of that is changing now as Levi’s goes public after a 4th quarter decline in apparel [6].   The kings of denim launched to a $6.6 billion valuation [7].

Airbnb: Much like Pinterest, this IPO is a bit less official.  But analysts are excited [8] over the hotel-alternative’s signaling that it may go public in 2019.  Airbnb recently hired [9] Dave Stephenson as its new CFO—who helped shepherd a little business called Amazon for 17 years.  Airbnb also purchased Hotel Tonight in what could be an IPO signal [10].  We’ll have to see how Airbnb shakes out, but it should be in the $30 billion range [11] when it goes public.  

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