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Weekly Update: Uber, Tesla, Apple and others

If there was one word to describe the market in the last year, it would be “volatile.”  In a time of trade wars, tariffs, IPOs and so much more, only one thing is certain: we’re living through stock history in real time.  

To help keep track of all the sea change on Wall Street, we’ve started a weekly roundup of what stocks are seeing the most growth, which are waning, and which are in deep trouble.  

The Good:

Beyond Meat.

In a year of struggling IPOs—look no further than Uber and Lyft for examples of what I’m talking about—Beyond Meat is the shining star.  The stock has blazed a path since its open in early May; it’s up over 260% [1] in about 30 weeks.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Many analysts are valuing the “alternative meat” market highly, with comparisons being drawn to the way that nut milks disrupted [2] the milk industry.  Beyond Meat rival Impossible Foods is also seeing a lot of movement, though it hasn’t gone public yet.  Impossible Foods has found their synthetic meat into the paper bags and cardboard boxes at Burger King and Little Caesers [3].  All in all, been a great month for faux-meat!

The Bad:


The iPhone titan cum service specialist is feeling the pain of the ongoing trade war more acutely than many American companies and investors and analysts are flinching [4].  After a strong rise which saw Apple regain its place at over 200, the stock has slipped again as Chinese delivery numbers stumble [5].  Apple is definitely a resilient stock, which means some analysts are viewing it as a buy [6].  

The Ugly:


The writing has been on the wall for a bit, but Tesla seems to be flailing at the moment.  Their stock is down 40% on the year [7] and investors seem concerned [8] about the Elon Musk-led company’s shifting focus.  The company has brought up a plethora of ideas that supposedly make the stock more valuable, including an automated taxi service and a move into car insurance [9].  But investors have doubts [10], especially considering Tesla is having a hard time hitting its deliverable numbers [11] on its base business.  


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