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Weekly Recap: $FCAU, $CMG and $QCOM

If there was one word to describe the market in the last year, it would be “volatile.”  In a time of trade wars, tariffs, IPOs and so much more, only one thing is certain: we’re living through stock history in real time.  

To help keep track of all the sea change on Wall Street, we’ve started a weekly roundup of what stocks are seeing the most growth, which are waning, and which are in deep trouble.  

The Good:

Fiat Chrysler + Renault.

After years of hype, Electric Vehicles are coming in a big way.  From Tesla to Ford to GM and beyond, major carmakers are readying a full arsenal of both electric and, in the future, self-driving cars.  That means an already incredibly competitive field is about to become even more brutal. Not to mention how expensive these futuristic cars will be and the fact [1] that global car sales are flagging.  Fiat Chrysler and Renault are responding [1] in a way that should help safeguard both companies against the coming storm and help both companies better bear the cost increase: a merger. According to some analysts [1], the two car companies are something of a match made in heaven, with each complementing the others’ weaknesses.  It’s anyone’s guess at this point if the merger will work out as planned.

The Bad:


Chipotle has had a resounding comeback since its salmonella scandal, with stocks up 54% [2] in the last year alone.  But the phoenix-like comeback by the fast food chain is being undermined by some stagnation, largely thanks to potential meat price increases due to an outbreak of African swine fever [2].  Additionally, some analysts are anxious about the way that Chipotle is continuing to attempt to expand its menu and digital promotions.  Chipotle’s year-to-year growth has seen a lot of help [2] thanks to an aggressive digital strategy, but it’s difficult to know if said growth will stay consistent.  

The Ugly:


Following a settlement [3] in the long-standing, embittered lawsuit with partner Apple, Qualcomm seemed as if it was going to have a steady path back to success.  But this was a relatively short-lived victory—a ruling by a United States judge means Qualcomm will have to renegotiate and restructure all of its licensing agreements, which could put a major dent in Qualcomm’s short-term and long-term profitability.  

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[1] CNN: Fiat Chrysler and Renault show why automakers desperately need each other / Under Pressure Paragraph https://www.cnn.com/2019/05/27/business/auto-merger-fiat-chrysler-renault/index.html

[2] CNBC: Chipotle may be headed for a ‘slippery slope’ as stock drops / ‘Chipotle stock rose nearly 1% in Friday’s premarket. Shares are up over 54% year to date.’ https://www.cnbc.com/2019/05/24/chipotle-may-be-headed-for-a-slippery-slope-as-stock-drops-expert.html

[3] The Verge: Apple and Qualcomm drop all lawsuits in surprise settlement / ‘Apple and Qualcomm have agreed to settle all ongoing lawsuits, putting an end to the blockbuster legal battle that’s seen the two tech giants sue one another across the globe.’ https://www.theverge.com/2019/4/16/18410985/apple-qualcomm-settle-royalty-dispute-patent-licensing-terms-high-fees

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