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  • IRAs — IRAs

    How do I make a contribution to my IRA?

    You may make a contribution to your IRA by check or wire. You must reference the deposit's contribution year on all checks and wires, and submit an IRA Deposit Slip with each contribution.
  • What does it cost to open and maintain an IRA account?

    There is a $50 annual IRA fee. This fee is waived for accounts which place more than 40 trades per year and maintain at least $50,000 in assets.
  • Am I able to trade options in an IRA?

    IRA accounts are eligible to be authorized for Options Level 1 & 2, allowing you to purchase calls and puts and write covered call options. Uncovered option trading is not permitted for IRA accounts. In order to update your account for options trading, please submit the Option Account Agreement. Please fax all pages of the completed form to (646) 381-3624 or scan and email it to