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Just2Trade FIX 4.2: Connect Directly to Just2Trade

The stock market is fast growing high-tech industry, but Just2Trade always keeps its finger on the pulse of sophisticated technologies, providing advanced trading solutions to offset demand of a modern trader.

Just2Trade launches its exclusive solution Just2Trade FIX 4.2, providing a reliable API to connect your software to the market.

FIX Protocol

FIX (Financial Information exchange) is an electronic communications protocol for financial information exchange, which allows you to quickly and securely receive and transmit trade data flows. Currently, this technology is a globally recognized standard for information exchange between financial market participants.

You get:

  • Complete control over the process of transferring and receiving data
  • Opportunity to use your own software, customized to the trader's needs.
  • High-speed connectivity
  • Opportunity to use various order types

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