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Current Job Opening at Just2Trade

Software Developer
New York City
  • Design, maintain and improve high-load financial news, social and trading platforms and the proprietary Site Creation Platform (SCP), including: server-side and client-side architecture, core features, code review, patches and fixes, and timely updates to address increasing traffic and performance on all application levels: frontend, backend, database and OS.
  • Create prototypes, mock-ups and wire frames for new apps' interfaces.
  • Ensure optimum performance and smooth synchronization of the clients' applications.
  • Advise executives on product performance and KPIs, market and competition, and technology such as SaaS, email, VOIP.
  • Data mining and analysis of server and user behavior data using SQL queries.
  • Data mining and analysis of server and user behavior data using SQL queries.
  • Analyze statistical data (Google Analytics, Yandex.Metrica).
  • Search Engine Optimization.
  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science, applied math, informatics, or related field;
  • Three years of experience in the job offered or comparable position developing large-scale web projects;
  • Knowledge of: Microsoft SQL Server and PostgreSQL; PHP and C#; HTML5, BEM, Stylus, LESS, ECMAScript 5 strict mode; Database Schema Design (ErWin, PowerDesigner); Google Web Master and Search Engine Optimization; and Linux server administration including performance monitoring and tuning using virtualization and containerization; Experience in: full-stack development of high-load scalable projects, client software integration, internationalization and localization, creating social networks with user generated contents, code review and guidance for outsourced development teams, legacy code support.
  • Strong web analytics skills and related tools usage (Google Analytics including a/b testing, retention rate tracking, behavior analysis; SQL; MongoDB; OLAP)

Brokerage Operation
New York City
Engineering and Product Design
SoftWare Developer / Trade Desk IT
New York City
Brokerage Operation
The Margin/Risk Specialist
New York City
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