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Check Request

To initiate a check withdrawal from your Just2Trade account, simply follow the steps below:

Step 1: Log into your account via the Just2Trade+ Trade System:
1. Enter your User ID and Password.
2. Click the ‘Log On' button.

Step 2. Adding a new ACH widget
3. Add new tab by clicking on ‘Add new Tab' icon.
4. Look for the ‘Add Widget' button and click on it.
5. A drop down menu will appear upon clicking ‘Add Widget'.6. Select ‘ACH Request'.

Step 3. Submit your request for a Check.
7. Click ‘Transaction'. A drop down menu will appear.
8. Select ‘Check Withdrawal'.
9. In the ‘Amount' field, type in the total withdrawal amount you wish to be issued from your Just2Trade account to your mailing address on file.
10. Click on the ‘Delivery method' field. A drop down menu will appear.
11. Select one of the delivery options from the drop-down list.
12. Click on the ‘Add request' button