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Per-Trade Plan

We offer trades
for $2.50 and $0.50 per option contract

We strive to offer the best deep discount package in the industry. With Just2Trade, low-cost trading means you pay a flat commission rate on unlimited equity and option trades. No gimmicks. No surprises.

Trading Commissions*

Stocks $2.50
ETFs $2.50
ADRs $2.50
Options $2.50 + $0.50 per contract
Spreads(per leg) $2.50 + $0.50 per contract
Straddle (per leg) $2.50 + $0.50 per contract
International Stocks $2.50 + $75.00 Foreign Stock Transaction Fee
Bonds $15.00 + $1 per bond
Mutual Funds $12.50
Broker-assisted $20.00 + the applicable commission

*Our commissions include all order types, unlimited shares. For exchange listed stocks priced less than $1.00 and all OTC securities, add $0.003 per share for the entire order. Maximum commission per order not to exceed $5.50, with minimum commission of $2.50. A commission of $4.00 per trade will apply to accounts below the minimum $2,500 balance requirement. Just2Trade passes through ECN fees, as well as standard Regulatory and Exchange transaction fees (see below). Please note that additional charges such as settlement and/or transfer fees may apply to foreign and some illiquid OTC-BB or pink sheets securities. Refer to  Other Fees page for a complete list of additional charges that may apply. Additional fees and expenses may be charged by the mutual fund. Please consult the fund's prospectus for more information.

Opening transactions for stocks priced at or around $0.05 per shares will not be allowed, only closing transactions will be permitted.

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Standard commission rates for online equity trades from published web sites as of 06/29/2016. Some brokers may offer more competitive rates than ones published if certain balances or level of activity are met.

Per-Share Plan

We are proud to offer the Transparent Volume-Tiered Pricing for $0.001 per share and $0.35 per option contract

The per-share structure allows our clients to pay only for the shares they trade. Our transparent tiered pricing for stocks decreases depending on the volume you trade.

Stock Tiers:

Volume (per month) Just2Trade Inc Commission per Share
<= 999,999 Shares $0.0025
1,000,000 - 5,000,000 Shares
 > 5,000,000 Shares $0.001

Options Tiers

Volume (per month) Just2Trade Inc Commission per Share
 <= 100,000 Contracts
 100,001 - 200,000 Contracts
 > 200,001 Contracts

Save on fees and switch to a Per-Share plan today!

  1. Initial Requirements-  To apply for the plan, your account value must be over $25,000 and must be a Margin Account.
  2. After you get approved for the plan, it will be activated on your account at 12:00 AM EST on the following day.
  3. After you apply for the plan, you may switch back to your initial plan without any surcharges until the end of the day (11:59 PM EST)
  4. You will not be able to switch back to your initial plan during next 30 calendar days from the day the per-share plan will be activated on your account.
  5. Under the per-share plan your account will be debited or credited at the end of each month in accordance to trading activities on your account during each month:
    • Under the Per-Share plan the minimum fee is $333 per month. In case if the total amount of commissions charged on your account during the month will be less than the minimum amount, we will debit the difference.
    • The per-share plan commission tier is based on volume. We charge each share @ $0.0025 and each option @ $0.75. At the end of each month we consider the total volume traded on your account and in case if the total volume on your account has reached higher tiers, we will recalculate the fee amount in accordance to the relevant tier's rate. We will then credit the difference to your account.

To switch your account to a Per-Share plan please contact us via Phone or Email

+1(855)274-4934 – toll free
+1(646)558-3232 – domestic