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Please refer to the MetaTrader 5 User Manual.

MT5 is a third party system and Just2Trade cannot be held accountable or have any liability with its performance or functionality. System response may vary due to a variety of factors, including trading volumes, market conditions, system performance, and other factors. Substantial risks are involved with electronic trading. Investments involve risk, past performance does not represent future results. Please use the trading robots and indicators at your risk, there is no warranty, guarantee of the MT5 marketplace, it's sellers and products. Products placed there as well as the sellers have no association with Just2trade or its affiliates and everything associated with purchasing, creating, or using a trading robot or indicator has risk involved. You may lose all of your investment. please use at your own risk. Diversification may help spread risk but does not protect in a down market. Investors should consider their investment objectives and goals before investing. No information on this website should be considered an offer to buy or sell a particular type of security, product, or software. This is not an offer or solicitation of any kind especially where we are not advertised to do business.

We are committed to providing you with the highest level of customer satisfaction possible. For any questions or comments, please call our toll-free number: 1-855-274-4934 or send an email to: