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Other Fees

We are proud to offer you straightforward pricing without any hidden charges.

ACH Deposit/Withdrawal Free
ACH Returned $50.00

(Returned as uncollectible or for insufficient funds.)

Check Stop Payment $25.00
Overnight Delivery (Weekday) $50.00
Overnight Delivery (Saturday) $50.00
Overnight Delivery (International) $80.00
ACAT Incoming Transfer Free
ACAT Outgoing Transfer $80.00

Additional charges will apply for transfers involving non-DTC eligible domestic and foreign securities. See ‘Foreign Settlement Fee and Physical Settlement Fee' listed below

ACAT Outgoing Partial Transfer $25.00
DWAC Delivery $250.00 + TA Fees
DRS Transfer $60.00
DTC Delivery $25.00 per position
Letter of Authorization Transfer $10.00
Worthless Securities minimum account balance $250.00

The balance is to offset the fees incurred for holding these types of securities, minimum amount required may be greater than $250.00 and will depend on the number of positions held

Fee to remove a worthless security from account $30.00 per security
Records Research $100.00 per hour (1/2 hour minimum)
Transfer On Death Agreement $50.00 One-time setup charge.
Returned Mail $30.00

Quarterly fee charged to accounts with returned mail associated with the address on file. To update your new address, please submit a Change of Address form

Returned Mail Maintenance Fee $30.00
Worthless Security Processing $30.00
Dividend Reinvestment (DRIP) Free
Tenders (Voluntary Corporate Actions) $50.00 per item
Mandatory Corporate Actions $30.00 per item
Inactivity Fee $15 per quarter
The inactivity fee will be waived under one of the following conditions: - At least 5 trades have been placed per quarter
- At least $50,000 is maintained in the account
IRA Annual Fee $50.00

This fee will be reimbursed if your account has over $10,000 in assets, and at least 40 trades have been placed (options & equities only).

IRA Closing Fee $75.00 Includes outgoing transfer via ACAT.
Market Depth Feature $7.99 per month
E-Statements Free
E-Confirmations Free
Paper/Duplicate Statements $5.00 per statement.
Paper/Duplicate Confirmations $3.00 per confirmation.
Borrow Fee Daily stock loan charges assessed to short trades.
Form 1099 Copy Request (Dated within the last 2 years) $5.00
Form 1099 Copy Request (prior last 2 years) $10.00
Foreign Settlement Fee (ADRs exempt) At cost.

This fee varies based on the number of counterparties involved. The fee applies to transactions and account transfers involving foreign securities that are not registered in the U.S. and not DTC eligible

Physical Settlement Fee Physical Settlement Fee At cost per certificate.

Applies to transactions and account transfers involving domestic securities that are not DTC eligible. Fee may also apply to transactions involving securities with a DTC "chill" restriction.)

Regulation T Extension $25.00 per request, plus margin interest
NSCC Illiquid Margin Charge Click here for explanation of fee
ECN Fee $0.003 per share
Option Exercise/Assignment $20.00 per exercise/assignment
Sell-Out/Buy-In Notices $25.00
SEC Fee $0.0000231 per dollar (sells only)
TAF (Trading Activity Fee) - Equity $0.000119 per share (equity sells)
TAF (Trading Activity Fee) - Options $0.002 per contract (option sells)
ORF (Options Regulatory Fee) $0.0407 per contract (buys and sells)
Index Fee $0.35 per contract
Foreign Stock Transaction Fee $75.00 per trade
Wire – Outgoing – Domestic $35.00
Wire – Outgoing – Foreign $60.00
Wire Return Fee $25.00

We do not accept third party wires. Incoming third party wires will be returned and the Wire Return Fee will be charged to the account.