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Products & Services

Whatever your trading goals are, we have you covered. Here are the different low cost services we provide to help you grow your portfolio.

Stocks Trading

Do you want to own a piece of a company you think will be the next big thing? Then you're going to want to buy stocks. We provide access to stocks from around the world, so you have virtually unlimited flexibility and choices.

ETFs Trading

If you love buying individual stocks but you are craving a little more diversity, ETFs could be a great choice. These funds are made up of many securities, so they provide diversity, but they are traded on exchanges just like a stock.

Options Trading

Whether you want to hedge against risk or do some basic speculation, options can help just about every trader make better investments. And at just $.50 to execute an option with Just2Trade, they can become a cheap, efficient tool to help maximize returns.

Futures Trading

We will have full-fledged futures trading capabilities soon, but for now you can scratch your futures itch by using our partner company, Just2Trade Futures.

Other Instruments

We provide thousands of mutual fund options and a diverse group of money market tools.