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Sterling Trader® Pro

Sterling Trader® Pro is the most widely used professional trading platform in the industry for trading equities, options, and futures. Used world-wide by proprietary trading firms, broker-dealers, and active traders, Sterling Trader® Pro gives traders the performance and functionality they need to compete in today's markets.

Just2Trade offers competitive commissions and fees to reduce trading costs for active traders like you.

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Equities Trading Highlights

Sterling Trader® Pro's combination of powerful performance and configurability gives traders complete control over their trading for equity markets.

  • Real-time level 2 market data
  • Advanced charting with over 60 configurable studies
  • Fully configurable hot keys and hot buttons
  • Exchanges alerts and imbalances
  • Sophisticated real-time scanning tools
  • Basket trading
  • Position and portfolio management
  • Server-side stop and native stop orders
  • ActiveX API and FIX API functionality
  • Custom trading alerts
  • Access to basic CCS Business Wire news and Seeking Alpha
  • Market data watch lists
  • DDE and RTD capability

Options Trading Highlights

Sterling Trader® Pro provides the powerful options trading tools required by professional options traders worldwide, including both single-leg and complex options order functionality.

Options Chain
  • See every strike price for calls and puts for a specific underlying symbol
  • Highlight in-the-money options for faster decision making
  • Calculate Greeks and volatility

Options Order Entry

  • Level 2 style window showing the best bid/ask of each exchange
  • Track the underlying stock's current statistics at the same time
  • Link to options chain for quicker order entry changes and analysis

Complex Options Order Entry

  • Eleven pre-configured, complex options spreads available (including Butterfly, Calendar, Covered Calls, Iron Condors and Straddles)
  • Fully configurable spread order entry