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Recently, there has been a major shift in the way people make spending decisions. Everyone wants to check with their social networks before making any major purchases, because who do you trust more than your friends?

Just2Trade is extending this social networking revolution into the investment world. We have created a platform that combines a social network of traders with state of the art online trading technology. Just2Trade allows you to see how your friends, peers and other experienced traders are investing, in real time. Having this information at your fingertips gives you an unparalleled ability to make informed decisions with your money.

Come Explore the Future of Trading.

Low Commissions Online Broker

Low Margin Rates & No Hidden Fees

  • $2.50

    Per Trade

  • $0.50

    Per Option Contract

  • $0.001

    Transparent Volume-Tiered Pricing per share

  • $0.35

    Transparent Volume-Tiered Pricing per Option Contract

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TD Ameritrade


Charles Schwab






Standard commission rates for online equity trades from published web sites as of 06/29/2016. Some brokers may offer more competitive rates than ones published if certain balances or level of activity are met.

Set of Trading Tools

  • Who Trades – is a social trader network. Social-oriented features are at your service to search for information and acquire new new trading ideas. Hone in on your skills using the trader’s journal and trading analytics from your Private Office.

  • Experienced Traders — provides alerts and real time data on what other WhoTrades user are doing.

Services for Beginners

  • Trading Marketplace – experienced traders meet with retail investors, receive alerts, connect with trading robots and receive coaching from other traders.

  • Distinct Strategies — exhibit your strategy and allow other traders to follow you.

Information on WhoTrades should in no way be seen as an offer to buy or sell certain securities. Results achieved by other individuals does not guarantee the same results for you. Do your own research before purchasing and selling securities, do not rely on the opinions and information of others


Just2Trade provides a large variety of latest professional trading tools for free which can meet all the possible requirements.

    • Classic Trading Platform for trading on U.S. exchanges
    • No Software to Download (Browser Based Platform)
    • Latest Professional Trading Tools for Free
    • Direct Access to the Market
    • Real-time Market Data
    • Analysis in Real Time
    • Easy Access to the Trader Account
    • Video Tutorials
    • Chart Driven Trading Platform for trading on U.S. exchanges
    • Real-time Data and Analysis on the Market
    • Data Delivered to PCs, Laptops and Mobile Devices
    • You Can Easily Build the Charts and Layouts You Need
    • High Performance Charting Package
    • Fully Customizable Charts
  • Just2Trade for Mobile
    • Professional Mobile Trading Platform for trading on U.S. exchanges
    • Allows to Monitor and Manage Your Trading Account with iPhone, iPad or Android from Anywhere
    • Real Time Quotes, Position and Account Status
    • Intuitive Design
  • Sterling Trader® Pro
    • One of the Leading Direct-access Trading Platforms
    • Perfect for Trading Equities, Options, and Futures
    • Real-time Data and Analysis on the Market
    • Advanced Charting

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  • 17th annual ranking of online brokers, March 2012

  • Kiplinger’s Best Online Brokers for 2012, October 2012

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