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Instead of relying on corporations to feed us information, people today like to reach out to their social networks and use this collective wisdom to find the best deals. This shift toward crowdsourcing has revolutionized how decisions are made.

Just2Trade is extending this revolution into the investment world. We have created a platform that combines a social network of traders with a state of the art online trading solution. Just2Trade allows you to use social filters to find out what your friends, peers and other experienced traders are doing in real time. Having this information at your fingertips gives you an unparalleled ability to make informed trading decisions. Because this social information is all integrated into our trading platform, you can instantly act on the edge you have gained by using Just2Trade to trade on all the major world stock exchanges.

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    Transparent Volume-Tiered Pricing per Option Contract

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TD Ameritrade


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Standard commission rates for online equity trades from published web sites as of 06/29/2016. Some brokers may offer more competitive rates than ones published if certain balances or level of activity are met.

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Services for Beginners

  • Trading Marketplace – experienced traders meet with retail investors, receive alerts, connect trading robots and get advice from traders

  • Distinct Strategies — exhibit your strategy and allow other traders follow you

  • Agree with the market +87%
    Long-term investment strategy, high yield and low risk.
  • Common sense +35%
    The strategy is based on an analysis of stock fundamentals, it implies a unique prediction technique.
  • Premier +15%
    A profitable strategy in the mid- and long-term. It successfully increase positions on chosen instruments.
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Great Support

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  • 17th annual ranking of online brokers, March 2012

  • Kiplinger’s Best Online Brokers for 2012, October 2012

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