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Wide spectrum of high-quality and tech-advanced services with low pricing? It’s now possible!

We have combined the brokerage services and modern technologies from various industries to make the trading experience fresh and native.

Fresh and Native Trading Experience.

Low Commissions Online Broker

Low Margin Rates & No Hidden Fees

  • as low as

    Per Trade

  • as low as

    Per Option Contract

  • as low as

    Transparent Volume-Tiered Pricing per share

  • as low as

    Transparent Volume-Tiered Pricing per Option Contract

How We Measure Up



Charles Schwab






TD Ameritrade


Standard commission rates for online equity trades from published web sites as of 06/29/2016. Some brokers may offer more competitive rates than ones published if certain balances or level of activity are met.

Premium Trading Tools

  • Who Trades is a set of tools for traders. Use our unique features to search for actionable information and acquire new trading ideas. Also, you can sharpen your skills in your Private Office via your trading journal and our analytics tools.

  • Experienced Traders — Get alerts and real time data from other WhoTrades users. Use this knowledge to take your trading game to the next level.

A Fully Customizable Experience

  • Trading Marketplace — This is where you can follow the strategies of experienced traders and follow trading algorithms in order to figure out a personalized strategy that fits your exact specifications.

  • Gain a Following — — Present your strategy and allow other traders to follow you.

Information on WhoTrades should in no way be seen as an offer to buy or sell certain securities. Results achieved by other individuals does not guarantee the same results for you. Do your own research before purchasing and selling securities, do not rely on the opinions and information of others